3 Ways To Convince Your Spouse To Attend Marriage Counseling

Although you and your spouse might have problems communicating, he or she could be reluctant to attend marriage counseling with you. In many instances, it is possible to convince a spouse of the importance of going. If your spouse has refused to attend counseling with you, here are some tips for possibly convincing him or her.   Address the Reason for the Refusal  One of the first steps you can take when your spouse is refusing to go to counseling is to find out why he or she is saying no.

Recognizing Anxiety And Depression: How Counseling Helps You Cope

While you may not feel that you are anxious or depressed enough to seek counseling, there are signs that indicate you may be suffering when you don't have to. If you have lost motivation for activities you used to love, or if you don't really feel like hanging out with friends, you may be struggling with depression without even realizing it. When you find yourself taking deep breaths throughout the day or getting upset over the smallest things, you could also benefit from getting your anxiety under better control.

Effects Your Addiction Might Be Having On Your Children

If you really want to break the substance abuse addiction you have, you will probably need to seek professional help. While it's not impossible to break an addiction alone, it is often easier when you work with people who fully understand how addictions occur and how to help people break them. Making this decision is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it is also the best decision you can make for your kids.

3 Important Types Of Intimacy You Need In Your Marriage

Marriage can be one of the best parts of life and one of the worst, and this often depends on how well you are getting along with your spouse. To have a great marriage, you must spend time with each other, learn each other, and have the right types of intimacy. If you feel like you and your spouse are not as close to each other as you would like, you may want to try to work on the following three types of intimacy, which are all vital for a good, healthy marriage.

4 Habits to Change to Improve Communication With Your Spouse

If you and your spouse are having trouble communicating, you are not alone. Communication problems are extremely common in marriage, yet they are problems that should not be left unaddressed. Poor communication skills can cause conflict in marriage and can rob a marriage of its intimacy and oneness. Here are four habits you may have in your marriage that are adding to this problem, and these are things you should consider changing if you want your marriage to improve.