Just Placed Your Baby Up For Adoption? 3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Placing your child up for adoption is an emotional decision and process. Giving your child to their adoptive parents after you have gone through labor and delivery can be difficult on a practical and emotional level, even if it makes sense on a logical level. If you just placed your baby up for an open adoption, you need to take care of yourself. Set-Up an Appointment with Your Adoption Counselor

How to Deal With Threats of Suicide

Threatening suicide is something a lot of people do to get attention, it's true. It's also something that many people threaten to do to manipulate someone else into giving in to their demands. It's something someone may threaten to do to convince someone not to leave them and it can be something someone threatens to do when they are angry. While all of this is true, it is also true that you should take every threat seriously.

3 Reasons To Work With An Online-Based Therapist

Getting counseling can be a very good thing. When you are struggling with something, having an external person who is able to be objective can be incredibly helpful because they can help you see other solutions or to see your situation more clearly. However, it isn't always easy to find a counselor that you click with or that matches what you are looking for, especially if you are looking for something special, like someone who shares your religion and who can help you with Christian counseling sessions.

4 Occasions When You Should Consider Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is an insidious problem with many layers. You have to contend with physical addiction as well as psychological dependence. Fortunately, you can receive assistance when it comes to treating your addiction. Here are four scenarios when you should consider an outpatient substance abuse treatment program: 1. You have just finished inpatient treatment. Outpatient substance abuse treatment can be a great follow-up to a stay in an inpatient treatment center.

Is Your Teenager Having Emotional Problems?

Are you lamenting the easier times that you spent with your child as he or she was a little kid? Maybe you remember your own teen years and that they were often difficult ones. Or, maybe you were one of the lucky kids who sailed through the teen years without seeming to have a care in the world. Either way, if your teenaged son or daughter seems to be on an emotional roller coaster, you might be concerned that things are escalating.