Is Your Teenager Having Emotional Problems?

Are you lamenting the easier times that you spent with your child as he or she was a little kid? Maybe you remember your own teen years and that they were often difficult ones. Or, maybe you were one of the lucky kids who sailed through the teen years without seeming to have a care in the world. Either way, if your teenaged son or daughter seems to be on an emotional roller coaster, you might be concerned that things are escalating.

Worried About Your Teen? 4 Signs They May Have An Addiction To Drugs

If you are the parent of a high school student, chances are good that they've used an illicit drug some time in the past. Studies show that aboutone-quarter of all high school students are using some type of an illicit drug. Some of the most common drugs that high school students abuse include adderall, opiod pain killers, and amphetamines. In addition, to those drugs, marijuana use is increasing in use by high school students.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is often viewed as a last chance at saving a relationship, when it should be one of the first considerations to minimize problems or avoid them altogether. There are several situations where couples therapy can be the right choice for your relationship. You're Reconciling Even if you are not married, attending some form of couples therapy can help further your attempts at reconciliation. Many unmarried couples who have the goal of staying a couple and possibly marrying in the future may need to resolve issues that lead to the initial separation.

3 Tips For Beating Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is very common, but also very misunderstood. It's easy to think of social anxiety as merely a form a shyness, but it's more than that. The fear caused by social anxiety can be paralyzing and can lead to feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, and depression. Unfortunately, the situations that bring on feelings of social anxiety, like being introduced to new people, interacting with strangers, and speaking in front of a group, are situations that most people have to deal with in their professional or personal lives.

Three Guidelines For Helping To Maximize The Results From Your Marriage Counseling Sessions

Having a healthy and vibrant marriage can require a sizable amount of commitment from both spouses. However, there are many marriages that will encounter problems at some point that may be very difficult for the couple to overcome. When this is the case, it may be beneficial for the couple to undergo marriage counseling. To help you ensure these sessions are as productive as possible, you should consider some tips for maximizing the results that you get from your counseling sessions.