Worried About Your Teen? 4 Signs They May Have An Addiction To Drugs

If you are the parent of a high school student, chances are good that they've used an illicit drug some time in the past. Studies show that about one-quarter of all high school students are using some type of an illicit drug. Some of the most common drugs that high school students abuse include adderall, opiod pain killers, and amphetamines. In addition, to those drugs, marijuana use is increasing in use by high school students. Unfortunately, if you're not aware of the situation, you may miss the signs that point to an addiction. Take a look at the signs described below. If you recognize any of them, you need to seek addiction treatment for your teen.

Sudden Disinterest in Outside Activities

When teens are in high school, their days are usually filled with social and educational activities. If your child has suddenly lost all interest in activities that they used to enjoy, it's time to start looking for other potential signs of drug use, especially if they've cast aside long-standing hobbies and interests.

Abrupt Decline in School Grades

School grades can be another determining factor when considering whether your teen has a drug problem. If your teens grades have been slipping in school, and there are no other underlying factors for the decline, they may have a drug problem. It can be difficult for teens to focus on their work when they're suffering from a drug addiction. Not only that, but they may lose their ability to focus on class work.

Unusual Odors on Clothing

If your teen is using drugs, you may notice unusual odors on their clothing. You may think that marijuana is the only drug that's commonly smoked, but that's not the case. There are a wide variety of drugs that teens tend to smoke. All of them will leave a distinct odor on your teens clothing. Some of those drugs include salvia, opium, crack cocaine, and methamphetamines.

New Friend Groups

If your teen has suddenly changed friends, and no longer associates with any of their old friends, they may be hiding a drug addiction. This is particularly true if your teen keeps their new friends away from the house. Teens with drug addictions often replace old friends as they become more active with a drug crowd.

If you suspect that your teen as a drug addiction problem, it's time to get help. There are addiction recovery programs designed to help teens who are addicted to drugs.