3 Ways To Convince Your Spouse To Attend Marriage Counseling

Although you and your spouse might have problems communicating, he or she could be reluctant to attend marriage counseling with you. In many instances, it is possible to convince a spouse of the importance of going. If your spouse has refused to attend counseling with you, here are some tips for possibly convincing him or her.  

Address the Reason for the Refusal 

One of the first steps you can take when your spouse is refusing to go to counseling is to find out why he or she is saying no. It is possible that the reason is something that is easily overcome.  

For instance, your spouse might be reluctant to attend marriage counseling due to the costs. To overcome this objection, look for affordable means of getting help. If you have insurance, contact your provider to find out how much is paid towards counseling. You can also look for counselors who offer sliding fee scale services.  

Go to Counselor on Your Own 

If your spouse is still unwilling to attend counseling, go by yourself. Your spouse's reluctance could be due to his or her belief that counseling will not help or result in any change in behaviors that are causing issues. If your spouse sees a change in you, he or she might be willing to give counseling a try. 

You can help dispel this belief by attending counseling and putting into practice any tips that your counselor has suggested. For instance, if your counselor has given you techniques to use to avoid an escalation in arguments, use them if you and your spouse are involved in a disagreement.  

Offer a Favor in Exchange for Attending 

Once your spouse actually attends counseling with you, he or she might be more willing to attend without any exchange in favors. However, to get him or her to the first few sessions, you might have to trade favors with your spouse. You can offer to do something your spouse wants in exchange for him or her attending a few sessions.  

For instance, if your spouse wants you to attend a family function with him or her, you can offer to go in exchange for his or her attendance at a counseling session. After a couple of sessions, you might be surprised to learn your spouse is willing to go without any favors offered.  

Your counselor can help you think of other ways to convince your spouse to attend marriage counseling like Tim Robbins Counseling.