Effects Your Addiction Might Be Having On Your Children

If you really want to break the substance abuse addiction you have, you will probably need to seek professional help. While it's not impossible to break an addiction alone, it is often easier when you work with people who fully understand how addictions occur and how to help people break them. Making this decision is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it is also the best decision you can make for your kids. Addictions can affect your kids more than you think, and here are several things to consider as you make the decision to break your addiction.

Addictions Affect Everyone

Addictions are very hard to break for several reasons, but the primary reason is from the way drugs and alcohol affect the brain. When you use drugs or alcohol, you will program your brain to need that particular substance. Without it, you will suffer major withdrawal symptoms, and the easiest way to relieve those symptoms is to take more drugs or alcohol.

The problem with any type of addiction is that it can interfere with all parts of your life. It may prevent you from keeping a job, taking care of your home, and providing care for your kids. Anyone close to you will be affected by this, especially your children. Your loved ones will worry about you and your kids, and your kids may be suffering in many ways. Until you make the decision to quit, there is really nothing anyone can do to help you, though.

The Effects Your Addiction May Be Having On Your Kids

As your kids see you addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are likely to go through a variety of different feelings, thoughts, and issues. While you are high or drunk, you might be neglecting them even if you are at home. They might have to learn to fend for themselves, and they may not be receiving any forms of emotional comfort, support, or guidance. They are likely to feel very alone and rejected by you.

In some cases, addictions can also lead to physical abuse of children. If you get violent or mean from a substance abuse, you may end up doing things that are harmful to your kids.

The result of all of these things is toxic for children of all ages. Children that grow up in this type of environment might have more difficulties in school and making friends. They might be more prone to getting into trouble and even developing addictions of their own. Your kids may have been forced to grow up way faster than they should've had to.

Steps You May Have To Take To Solve These Issues

If you are finally ready to break your addiction for good, there are several things you will need to do:

  1. Seek help for yourself – The best place to start is seeking help for yourself from an addiction center. They can help you break your addiction and find ways to stay clean and sober for the rest of your life.
  2. Seek help for your kids – Your kids will benefit from you breaking your addiction, but that may not be enough. You may need to take your children to counseling to help them work through their feelings.
  3. Develop a new life and stay consistent – While you and your kids are both receiving help for this issue, you should begin developing new habits in life. This will include finding ways to provide your children with the emotional support they have been lacking, and it will also involve finding ways to stay consistent with them. Your children will need a lot of love, guidance, and stability from this point on, and you may need to get help so you can achieve this.

Addictions are not easy to break, but it can be done. If you are ready to give your family and yourself a new life, call an addiction center, such as Lifeline, today.