5 Reasons Why College Students May Need Counseling

If you are a college student, it is common to feel overwhelmed or anxious at some point during your academic career. If you feel like you need help working through psychological or emotional problems, you are not alone. Recent surveys have shown that around 10% of college students seek counseling services while they are enrolled in school. Because of this, there are usually short-term, emergency counseling services available on campuses as well as private, long-term solutions off campus. Below are just a few of the reasons why you may want to seek professional counseling to help you through your college career. 

College Can Present Existential Issues that Make You Question Your Beliefs

Many students move to a new city to attend college, and that new city may be radically different from the place where you grew up. Additionally, while you are at college, you may meet new types of people who believe different things than you grew up believing. Both students and professors may cause you to question your beliefs, and you may find that some of your courses challenge your basic understanding of how the world works. This can lead to a period of rapid change and, potentially, an existential crisis as you try to fit your new understandings into your current identity. 

A counselor can help you explore identity issues including issues related to religion, sexuality, and your general sense of self. 

Many College Students Are Involved In Serious or New Types of Romantic Relationships 

College can be an exciting time to date. Many college students become involved in serious relationships or explore casual dating. For some students, this can be overwhelming. A counselor can help you identify your needs and desires in a relationship and learn techniques to communicate them to your partner. They can also help you identify early warning signs of abuse, in yourself or your partners, to help keep you safe as you explore the college dating scene. Finally, they can help you come to terms with changes in your sexual urges that you may be experiencing at college. 

College Students Experience Stress Related to New Freedoms and Responsibilities 

In college, many students set their own schedules and keep track of their own finances for the first time. This can be stressful and can often lead to hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. A counselor can help you identify things that may be causing stress in your life and help you develop coping mechanisms to allow you to deal with them in a healthy way. Additionally, they can help you identify early warning signs of more serious mental complications related to stress so you can get appropriate help or medication if necessary. 

Academic Stress Can Be Overwhelming for Students 

Coupled with the stress of living on your own, you may experience academic stress. Counselors can help you learn how to properly utilize schedules and select classes to minimize your stress. Additionally, they can give you tools to make you feel empowered while discussing your academic work with professors, which can help reduce your overall academic stress. 

College Students May Have Difficulty Identifying Their Support Network 

If you are far away from your family and high school friends, you may have a difficult time building authentic relationships and identifying a support network at your school. A counselor can help you figure out how to remain connected with your previous support network while building meaningful relationships in your current surroundings. They may be able to point out local services, clubs, and groups where you can go to connect with other people your age and develop a support network. 

Being a college student can be difficult. Getting professional counseling assistance is one way to make sure you make it through college happy and healthy. For more information, contact an adult counseling center like Park Center Inc.